Begin Your Memoir Today!

Your life story is as unique as your fingerprints. Write about your experiences, your adversities, and what you learned from them. Write for yourself for your descendants or for the world.

Alex Haley once said, “When a person dies, a small library burns.”

So true, yet I never gave this serious thought until my favorite grandmother died. Then I realized that her story had passed with her. I could no longer ask her questions about her life.

Writing a memoir, life story, or autobiography might seem like a daunting task. But if you take it one step at a time, one story at a time, you’ll get there. images63OCQ0YK

You are not a blank slate. Take a few minutes today to write just one story about your life.

If you need help, either as you begin to write, or in pulling it all together, please check out my other pages for hints, recommended books, and classes offered. You might also wish to watch some Youtube videos on writing memoir.

Memoir Writing — Author and Teacher