We Are So Spoiled

Coffee straight from the coffeemaker is seldom hot enough for my husband. He often reheats it in the microwave.

IMG_5340“I don’t understand,” he said this morning as he removed his steaming  cup from the microwave, “why manufacturers haven’t invented a microwave that will return your cup to the position it was in when you set it on the turntable.”

In our comfort-filled, lives, the small act of adjusting a hot coffee cup  before picking it up by its handle has become a nuisance, a problem to be solved.

My husband does has a point. Why hasn’t someone thought of that?

But I couldn’t help but think of my great-grandmother who cooked three meals a day on a wood stove. I tried to imagine her using a microwave — or complaining about the small act of turning around a cup after the oven beeped. I couldn’t.

I tried imagining standing in her shoes and having to cook three meals a day on a wood stove. Couldn’t do that either. Couldn’t even imagine cooking three meals a day period. On any kind of stove.

What would Great-Grandma think of our lives today? When eating out is the norm. When we can heat coffee in seconds but complain about turning the cup.

We are so spoiled.